Print Making Courses

10 week courses starting 2018/19  Thursdays 10am – 12.30pm

Autumn          27th September
Spring            17th January
Summer         2nd May


Whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced artist with some printmaking experience, experimenting with different printmaking techniques can be an enjoyable way to get creative.  Lots of traditional printmaking techniques, such as etching, rely on using toxic chemicals to create a plate to print an image from and require space and specialist equipment.  I’m keen to promote less toxic forms of printmaking both in the platemaking technique and the inks used.  Lots of fine art printmakers are favouring less toxic forms of printmaking such as producing collagraphs, which are collage based and combine both relief and intaglio approaches.  They can be very simple or quite complex and involve relatively cheap everyday materials and make of use materials destined to be thrown away. I find this form of printmaking enjoyable, particularly when using ‘wet’ materials for plate making as it is very tactile, and fun getting messy. There is an good degree of accidental image making that adds to the excitement of the process, (and sometimes the frustrations).   

My printmaking courses, run at Malvern and Hartpury, are designed to use less toxic approaches to printmaking and encourage participants to experiment with different materials and to share ideas in a relaxed way.

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