What are collagraphs?

The base plate for a collagraph print is essentially a collage built up either by cutting into or applying a variety of forms onto the surface to create texture, line and tone; essentially a combination of relief and intaglio (etched or engraved lines), printmaking techniques are used. The plate is “inked up” and printed, usually, through an etching press. There are numerous techniques and materials in plate making that can be used – including; cardboard/mountboard, hardboard, acrylic sheet, metal. Textures added can include tile cement, carborundum grit, sand, wallpaper, fabric, tape, string, wood glue, natural materials. The variations are endless and results, often unexpected, make this an exciting experimental form of printmaking capable of being adapted to use with other techniques such a dry-point or mixed media.

Collagraph print of Perry Pear

Hartpury Perry Pear

Collagraph of Hartpury Perry Pear


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